You may have been hearing stories about teenagers inventing their own go-karts, but did you ever hear someone from that age group coming out with a go-kart, which runs on a jet engine.

This is exactly what Chris Tomko has done. He has found a way to make a go-kart and fit a jet engine at the back, which he has manufactured from scrape. There is no kit used. He has done all without any kind of support or guidance.


He has his own website called where he jots down the progress of his own jet powered machine. There are two variants of jet engine, G1 and G2.

G1 runs on propane fuel. When the jet runs on a container of propane, it runs for about 9 minutes. There is thrust production of 20 pounds with G1.


The other variant is called G2. It runs on diesel. G2 is much better than G1, and it produces thrust of about 35 pounds. It can easily run for an hour with nine gallons of diesel, probably, performing less than what an F16 can, but better than anyone making anything of that sort in a high school.


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