Phone Identity theft has become much more apparent in today’s society with hackers and technological glitches that can cause people’s lives to be ruined. Your phone could easily be a victim to this as well if you don’t take care of its security. However, your phone can also be a great weapon towards identity theft if you know how to use it. Special forms of verification can stop a hacker or thief from trying to access your phone which possesses sensitive information about yourself. Combining verification techniques can also be a fail safe way of protecting your Phone identity.

Phone Identity

Two factor verification is a form of verification which involves two forms of verification before access can be granted. The first form of authentication can be a password, PIN, or a security question answer. Another layer of authentication can then be utilized. The second form of authentication involves using a Smartcard, ID Badge, USB Key or a One-time Password Device. With two layers of authentication, you can be positive that your identity is safe.

Your phone can be a route of using the second form of authentication. Since there is a need for two layers of authentication, your phone could be utilized for the One-time Password Device that secures the second line of authentication. Phone verification has been used with e-mail companies, online paying services like Paypal etc. Your phone is a fantastic resource to protect your data and ensure you don’t disclose your personal information to a hacker that is in it for the money. This method could include you having to identify phone numbers which is easy and quick. Using your phone is a quick way to save yourself from identity theft when you have the opportunity to use this method of authentication.

With two layers of authentication, it is basically impossible for a hacker to infiltrate your sensitive data. The two layers provide adequate protection and a feeling of safety for you that your data is not being shared with anyone other than yourself. Authentication could not be easier with two layers of protection. A password and a phone together in the verification process provides more than needed protection which is a great resource to have.



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