It is easy for any student to take advantage of some of the best gadgets around. However, not all of the top gadgets on the market are useful.

The essential options that you can choose from when finding the greatest gadgets are great to find and today you can use some for your study and education needs. The latest cool gadgets out there are certainly ideal as they include a variety of great features.

Of course, you are probably wondering what types of gadgets are out there for you to use right now. There’s loads of options out there today but it’s not too hard to find one that fits in well with your needs.

Let’s take a look at a few useful gadgets for students like you to check out right now. You may be amazed at how well these can work for the demands you might hold now.

Tylt Energi Backpack and Battery


This is a unique gadget for students that have 1,560 cubic inches of space inside a comfortable backpack body. It uses two 1Amp USB port and a 2.1Amp USB port for use when charging tablets or phones. This works with a large battery that will last for years and ensures that you’ll get your devices charged anywhere.

Kindle Voyage

Kindle Voyage

A popular digital reader from Amazon, you can use this to store all your textbooks inside it. This has a 300 ppi display on a six-inch screen and has a great Wi-Fi setup that works in many places. This will also display your graphics quite well with a unique setup that you can quickly adjust as needed.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB Portable Hard Drive


Being able to store your computer’s data anywhere you want is critical. You can use this 2 TB portable hard drive to store all your items and bring them anywhere you want.

This works with a slim body that is 4.5 inches long and about 4.8 ounces. It also use a USB 3.0 connection, the best and fastest option that is available right now.

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

This is an impressive alarm clock that uses a 113-decibel alarm and pulsating lights. It also has a unit that can link to your mattress to make it vibrate as needed.

This ensures that you’ll wake up as needed and not be at risk of sleeping in during a class. This can also be adjusted to where the vibration setting is all that works at a given time.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen


This small pen uses a small microphone that will record anything you are trying to gather in a class and can be plugged into your computer so you can load up audio files later. You can use this to get information on your classes at any time even when you’re away from the lecture hall.

QuickCam Pro 9000 Webcam


It can be very easy for you to communicate with others if you use the QuickCam Pro 9000 webcam. This can be added to your computer or laptop through a simple connection and can be loaded with a small software program. You can use this to interact with other people in real time so you’ll get notes exchanged among other things.

Kensington ComboSaver Notebook Lock

Kensington ComboSaver Notebook Lock

A good notebook should always be protected and today you can use the Kensington ComboSaver notebook lock to secure your portable computer so it will not be easy to open without a proper key or code.

This can work well on the security slot on your computer and uses a four-wheel combination lock that is easy for you to set up. This is also made with a strong metal body that will not break apart very easily.


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