Messenger services around the world are still important when it comes to quick communication. Millions of people make use of various messenger services and Facebook has already provided consumers with Facebook Messenger that allows people to communicate across the globe with short text messages or even chats. However, Facebook has decided to keep up with the stiff competition and has now come up with new updates that offer better features. Facebook Messenger now offers better options like free VoIP calls and ability to send short voice messages to all the contacts around the world. However, the free VoIP feature is limited to Canada only at the moment.

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook has revealed that the update is available for both Android and iOS and will offer better options to communicate to consumers globally. Until now, Facebook Messenger users were limited to use text and emoticons to communicate with their friends and contacts but the new features will allow Facebook Messenger more popularity as the consumers can have push to talk capabilities and leave their voice messages using the Record Voice button. Facebook believes that if the feature works well in the future they will offer the VoIP option to the rest of the world as well. This will also put Facebook in competition with various other programs like Skype and Viber that already have VoIP capabilities.


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