Less Popular Marketing Techniques That Are Still Effective Today

marketing techniques

There is no doubt that online marketing techniques are the major players in today’s game. Thanks to social media marketing and the likes, every startup can create a brand and make money. It is no wonder they are the most effective marketing techniques in 2015.

Effective Marketing Techniques

Because they are en vogue, they are at the top of the food chain, and other techniques are firmly at the bottom. But, does that mean the less popular methods are not effective? No, it just means that you may not be aware of their importance. Here are a couple examples of how the less popular techniques are still effective today.

Giving A Speech

People hate giving speeches, which is why they are not a popular method. If you ask anyone what their biggest fear is, more often than not the answer will be public speaking. Just talking about it gives people sweaty palms! But, if you can get over the fear, the possibilities are endless. By exuding confidence, you will engage the audience and make them more likely to use your brand. And, you can also reach a large audience of people and raise awareness.

Trade Shows

Trade shows have been around for years, yet it is remarkable that more businesses do not use them more often. If you ask the experts, they say that trade show marketing is the most effective marketing technique in the industry. Why? Firstly, you engage people to their face instead of over the Internet. Secondly, you can use your charm and personality to make a sale. Thirdly, you can target a specific audience and generate more leads. And finally, it is cheap. Do you need any more reasons?


Press Releases

Back in the day, everyone consumed information through press releases. In fact, to this day you will notice press releases that relay vital pieces of information. Press releases still exist because the media is a great way to market your company and your product. Although TV and radio may have declined, they are still incredibly effective. If you want to get your name in front of potential leads, you should consider using a press release.


You might think that you should avoid telemarketing at all costs? There is no doubt that they are an annoyance in a lot of people’s minds. However, they do have their benefits. For starters, they are clearly a great way to generate leads. Even for all the people that slam down the phone, there are plenty who are curious about the opportunities. Also, they are very cheap because you can outsource telemarketing to a call center. And thirdly, they are flexible. Although cold calling is not necessarily much use, you can use an email blast instead. Emailing someone is much less annoying than forcing them to answer the phone!

Business Cards

There is nothing better than talking to someone face to face. When you shake hands and pass them a business card, they are more likely to remember you and your business. Business cards are much more personal, and clients and consumer like that fact.

You may prefer to go with new age marketing methods, but the old ones are always the best!


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