Technology is progressing at a fast pace. Every year witnesses the launch of amazing gadgets that cause a frenzy among the techno-crazy public. However, often these very marvels are surpassed by their advanced versions before the year is out. The year 2012 has been no different. There has been a constant flow of tech devices that came with intricate, but exciting features. The smartphones got smarter and bigger, the iPad and iPhone extravaganza blew our minds, the Kindle Fire amazed all, and the TV and gaming lovers too had their hands full. A number of gadgets including tablets, smartphones, notebooks, gaming consoles, cameras, televisions, etc. were launched through the year. 5 of these tech gadgets that saw worldwide popularity are:

1. Apple iPhone 5

Apple iphone 5

Sheer anticipation for the iPhone 5 and the hype created by it can put the device in the list of the best gadgets for the year 2012. The gizmo lovers were certainly waiting for the smartphone from Apple with bated breath. The device comes in the familiar iconic design of the iPhone, but has a slightly bigger screen. The 4 inch screen has 1136×640 pixel resolution and 326PPI Retina display. The other features include stronger CPU, graphic output and battery life.

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